Route data to the correct party using our Smart Data Routing feature. Now sales request go to Bob in Sales and support gets routed to the support team. Simple and easy to set up.

Rules-Based Routing

Conditional Responses and rules-based routing make it easy to correctly distribute leads and form submissions to the writer persons(s) every time. Combine with notification lookups and conditional content to fully automate and personalize your solution.

Vote for Approval

Route the form submission to a group of judges. Each judge can vote, and once the minimum votes for approval number is met, the submission is recorded and all parties are notified.

Dynamic Approval Mode

Sometimes, the person approving a form submission is dynamic and changes based on the selections made on the form. Dynamic Approval mode is fast and straightforward to set up and allows for a different approver to be set, "Dynamically" on the form side.

Combine with Dynamic Data to pull in and set the Approver using a lookup query.