Easily add file upload fields to your forms to allow your users to upload PDFs, Images, Word Documents - anything! They can upload 1,2, 3 or even ten files. It's up to you! Files are securely uploaded and stored in your account.

Advanced Control Features

Set the specific type of files you want to allow (for example, image only) and the maximum size.

Thumbnail Previews

Your users see a thumbnail preview of the image their uploading and those same thumbnails can be viewed when you're editing the form or accessing the data.

On-the-fly Image Resizing

Automatically resize images as they are uploaded. Its easy! And our smart image resize routine makes sure your resized images look great.

Additional Features

  • Link to images/files or display them in your email responses

    Link to any uploaded file in your outgoing emails, attach PDFs or embed the image in your email layout.

  • Include uploaded images in your PDFs

    Create amazing looking PDF's using the images uploaded in your form.

  • Integrate uploaded images with your workflows

    Use uploaded images to show user avatars, list properties for sale and more. Integrate file uploads with workflows to create unlimited possibilities.