Logiforms has the most advanced PDF generation tools on the market. With conditional content, conditional document, merging and other advanced features, your limited only by your imagination.


Design your PDF exactly how you want it. Use our WYSIWYG editor to insert images, fonts, tables and more. Or switch to source mode and use custom CSS and HTML. Create beautiful PDF's every time.


Insert any value collected on your forms into your PDFs using "wildcards". Point and click to build your dynamic PDF

Conditional Content

Leverage conditional content and inline conditions to dynamically customize your PDF' on the fly. Use this powerful feature to build complex legal documents and go far beyond what's possible with other offerings.

CSS3 Paged Media Support

Complete support for CSS3 paged media means you can control every aspect of the PDF output right down to the pixel

PDF Lookup Data

Pull in data from multiple forms and output it within a loop using our unique PDF lookup Data option. Use in conjunction with the SubForm component to create large, flexible data collection solutions.

Merging Multiple PDF Documents into one

Use conditional logic to assemble the perfect PDF based on the answers to the questions on your forms. Guide users through a bankruptcy application and generate intelligent output on-the-fly.