Flexible Validation is critical to ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the data you collect through your forms. Eliminate any back and forth by using our advanced validation options to ensure you collect the right information the first time!.

Huge library of pre-defined validation rules

Choose from our ready to go validation library for zip codes, telephone numbers, postal codes, Social Security Numbers, Credit cards and more. Point click and you're done.

Conditional Validation

Take it further with conditional validation. For example, if the user selects country = Canada, then conditional validation will enforce Postal Code validation. When they choose the USA, Zip Code validation is automatically enforced.

Stack multiple Validation Rules

Need to apply more than one validation rule. We got you covered. Stack multiple validation rules in conjunction with conditional validation to create sophisticated and robust business rules.

Remote Validation

This is where it gets interesting. Use the remote validation option to validate what the user enters data in your database. For example, you can validate a coupon code in real time, or make sure the users email is not already in your database.

Custom Regular Expressions

Can't get it done with our pre-defined validation rules. No problem, use our regex option. Need a custom reg-ex? Our support staff can help you write that free of charge.