Send the right response everytime using our easy to setup conditional response system.

Rule-Based Routing

Send a context-sensitive email, redirect to a URL and show a thank you message when the form is submitted. Its all controlled by easy to configure conditional logic rules.

Conditional Content

Triggering a specific email to be sent using a rule is great when you've got a small number of variations. When that number gets larger, use embedded conditional content to get even more granular and dynamic emails. For example, this simple rule within your email would change the output:

{IF [country] = 'Canada'}
Thank you for registering for our Canadian workshop

FormView & Form Mode Logic

Beyond simple matching rules and logic, Logiforms exposes a set of criteria to help you trigger the right response every time. Evaluate which formView was used and if the form was embedded in a workflow, approval mode process or standalone.

Get fine-grained control over post submit actions with these powerful features