Use conditional logic to get a higher response rate, and design forms that are more user-friendly. Hide and show fields on demand based on the answers to the questions on your form.

Conditional Branching on a Multi-Page Form

Using a multi-page form, you can guide your users through complex application forms and processes by branching to only relevant pages. The result, higher completion rates and easier to use forms.

Hide and Show fields or groups of fields

You can also attach conditional logic to a single field, multiple fields or a group of fields in one click.

Conditional Logic Everywhere!

Logiforms uses conditional logic everywhere! Send emails conditionally, generate and merge multiple PDF's into one conditionally and include chunks of content conditionally. The possibilities are endless.

Conditional Validation

Enforce conditional validation based on the answers to previous questions. For example, if the end user is from the USA, you can conditionally enforce ZIP code validation. If they're from Canada, you can use Postal Code validation. All done with a few simple, but powerful rules.

Slick Animations and Effects

Slide in, fade in you name it. Not only are your forms smart and intelligent, but they also look good. Apply effects when you hide and show fields to give your forms that polished professional look.