Workflows support both 2048 BIT TLS Encryption (with our EV certificate from NSI), and also provide decryption support for use with out public/private key RSA encryption solution.

Public/Private Key Generation

When you register with Logiforms, we generate a UNIQUE public/private key using RSA Military strength encryption protocols.

Encrypting Data

You can select any field on any form and automatically apply this advanced level of encryption

Workflow Decryption via the Decryption Widget:

Insert the Decryption workflow widget on any page of your workflow, and when clicked, any decrypted data will be decrypted on-the-fly when you enter your key.

Secure end-to-end

Logiforms is a PCI compliant service, offering end-to-end security. Data is transferred over encrypted TLS protocols and even encrypted at rest using Military strength RSA encryption.