Automate the approval process your way! With a wide range of flexible approval options, you won't need to change the way you work to work with Logiforms. From simple two-step approvals to, to complex revision processes. You can do it all with Logiforms

Dynamic Approval

With our integrated, point and click, dynamic approval mode, you can automatically assign the "Approver" dynamically. It can be based on a selected department or any other criteria. The approver gets an email notification and can review and make changes to the form before approving or declining the entry.

Multi-User Voting

Set up a pool of users and a minimum number of votes to meet approval. Each member of the pool gets notified and can vote on the entry. Once the minimum is met, the entry is approved, and all parties are notified.

Custom Approvals

Build your own custom approval workflow, leveraging triggers, workflows, and formViews. Our complete and professional grade toolkit has all the components you need to build out your custom workflows. Use triggers to kick off an ESIGN request, PDF document generation and anything else you can dream up.