Advanced Workflow Logic with Conditional Content

Conditional content makes it easy to provide personalized, context-sensitive information in your workflows, email responses, PDF documents, print templates and more. Conditional content is a powerful tool to automate your business and provide robust solutions.

What is Conditional Content?

Conditional Content is content that is shown based on rules you define. For example, you might have an email response that sends more information about a selected topic. With autoResponder rules, you could create a series of different emails to do this. But what if you wanted to change just a paragraph or a graphic within the email. That's where conditional content comes into play, allowing sections of your output to be conditional. Imagine being able to assemble a legal document with different paragraphs conditionally and then generate a PDF. You can even send get the PDF signed securely online using an electronic signature.

Where can I use Conditional Content?

  • AutoResponder Emails and Thank You Page
  • Notification Emails
  • Print Templates
  • Email Templates
  • PDF Document Creation
  • Triggered Emails
  • Dynamic PDF's sent for E-Signature
  • Workflow columns, headings, etc

Conditional Content is an extremely powerful tool! Combined with our already flexible processing options, rules, and personalization options, you can design and deliver a truly powerful and flexible solutions.