Workflow layout are flexible. Design custom layouts that work for your business.

Data Tables

Data tables are the easiest way to display your tabular data. Point and click to choose the columns you want to include and then adjust the various settings to get it looking just the way you want. Data tables are index optimized, load fast, and are sortable and searchable. You can even use custom CSS to take it to the next level

Multiple Column Layouts

You might also choose a card layout, or show image thumbnails in a multi-column layout. Your in complete control and use the WYSIWYG editor or if you know HTML/CSS, you can edit the source code directly and go even further.

Custom Pages

Custom pages are a great way to extend your workflows and add completely custom pages. Custom Pages can include anything you want; images, text - anything!

Powered By BootStrap

Workflows leverage the popular BootStrap framework. As such, you can use any bootstrap components and markup to build beautiful custom pages.