Professional Grade Software

Conditional Syntax, Date Computations & More

Instant Integrations

Our forms integrate seamlessly with your website. Collect payments with Stripe, PayPal, and, or send new leads to Sales Force. When you use our enterprise-grade, scalable platform, your can integrate with our REST API and instant HTTP Post service, or write your own custom Node.js web hooks. The possibilities are endless.

  • Calculate Order Totals with Ease

    It's simple to build calculations for your order forms using the Visual Binding Editor. Simply select your field wildcards and hammer out complex calculations quickly and easily.


    Use our REST API to export and blah blah Simply select your field wildcards and Simply select your field wildcards and

Enterprise-Class Security

ContentWith over 14 years of solution delivery excellence, Logiforms is a trusted name in secure forms. We've enabled hundreds of system implementations without incident.

Advanced Network Security

We take security seriously. From patch management, IDS, Firewalls and more, our systems are managed and monitored 24-7. With a 15 year track record, with zero data breaches, Logiforms is the trusted name in Form & Database Hosting.

We're Fanatical about Security

We believe the best security doesn't exist in isolation. It comes in layers.

At Logiforms, our security layers starts at the form and account level. We use 24-hour monitoring and hardware and software safeguards. These cumulative layers give you the best layered security options in our industry.

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