1. Scope

This procedure addresses complaints from data subject(s) related to the processing of their personal data, Logiform Software Inc.’s handling of requests from data subjects and appeals from data subjects on how complaints have been handled.

2. Responsibilities

2.1 All [Employees/Staff] are responsible for ensuring any complaints made in relation to the scope of this procedure are reported to the Data Protection Officer (DPO) .

2.2 Data Protection Officer (DPO) is responsible for dealing with all complaints in line with this procedure.

3. Procedure

3.1 Logiform Software Inc. has the contact details of its Data Protection Officer (DPO) published on its website https://www.logiforms.com/contact/, clearly under the ‘Contact us’ section.

3.2 Logiform Software Inc. has clear guidelines on this page https://www.logiforms.com/contact/ and the contact form used to send directly to the Data Protection Officer (DPO), that enable the data subject to lodge a complaint.

3.3 Logiform Software Inc. clearly provides data subject(s) with the privacy notice by publishing it on its website here, clearly under the ‘Legal’ section and relative to the complaints form submission.

3.4 Data subjects are able to complain to Logiform Software Inc. about:

  • 3.4.1 how their personal data has been processed
  • 3.4.2 how their request for access to data has been handled
  • 3.4.3 how their complaint has been handled
  • 3.4.4 appeal against any decision made following a complaint.

3.5 Data subject(s) lodging a complaint with the Logiform Software Inc.’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) are able to do so by contact form published [at this location] on the company website.

  • 3.5.1 Complaints received via the complaints form are directed to the Data Protection Officer (DPO) for resolution.
  • 3.5.2 Complaints are to be resolved within 72 days from initial receipt of complaint.
  • 3.5.3 Appeals on the handling of complaints are to be resolved within 72 days from original decision being announced.

3.6 If Logiform Software Inc. fails to act on a data subject’s access request within one [1] month, or refuses the request, it sets out in clear and plain language the reasons it took no action/refusal. Logiform Software Inc. will also inform the data subject(s) of their right to complain directly to the supervisory authority. In doing so, Logiform Software Inc. provides the data subject(s) with the contact details of the supervisory authority and informs them of their right to seek judicial remedy.