1. Scope

All personal data processed by Logiforms Software Inc. is within the scope of this procedure.

Data subjects (You our Customer) are entitled to obtain:

  • Confirmation as to whether Logiforms Software Inc. is processing any personal data about that individual;
  • Access to their personal data;
  • Any related information;

2. Responsibilities

1. The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is responsible for the application and effective working of this procedure, and for reporting to the information owner on Subject Access Requests (SARs).

2. The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is responsible for handling all SARs and can be contacted at this address:

SPA Consulting s.r.o.
Washingtonova 1624/5
Stare Mesto
110 00


3. Procedure

3.1 Subject Access Requests are made using the Subject Access Request Record found HERE

3.2 The data subject provides Logiforms Software Inc. with evidence of their identity, in the form of current passport and drivers license, and the signature on the identity must be cross-checked to that on the application form completed earlier.

3.3 The data subject specifies to Logiforms Software Inc. specific set of data held by Logiforms Software Inc. on their subject access request (SAR). The data subject can request all data held on them.

3.4 Logiforms Software Inc. records the date that the identification checks were conducted and the specification of the data sought.

3.5 Logiforms Software Inc. provides the requested information to the data subject within one month from this recorded date.

3.6 Once received, the subject access request (SAR) application is immediately forwarded to the Data Protection Officer (DPO), who will ensure that the requested data is collected within the specified time frame in clause 3.4 above.
Collection entails:

  • 3.6.1 Collecting the data specified by the data subject, or
  • 3.6.2 Searching all databases and all relevant filing systems (manual files) in Logiforms Software Inc., including all back up and archived files (computerized or manual) and all email folders and archives.

3.7 The Data Protection Officer (DPO) reviews subject access requests from a child. Before responding to a SAR of the child data subject the Data Protection Officer (DPO) considers their ability to making the request by adequately explaining any implications of sharing their personal data, etc.

3.8 The Data Protection Officer (DPO) reviews all documents that have been provided to identify whether any third parties are present in it, and either removes the identifying third party information from the documentation or obtains written consent from the third party for their identity to be revealed.

3.9 If any of the requested data is being held or processed under one of the following exemptions, it does not have to be provided:

3.10 In the event that a data subject requests Logiforms Software Inc. to provide them with the personal data stored by the controller/processor, then Logiforms Software Inc. will provide the data subject with the requested information in electronic format, unless otherwise specified.

3.11 In the event that a data subject requests what personal data is being processed then Logiforms Software Inc. provides the data subject with the following information:

  • 3.11.1 Purpose of the processing
  • 3.11.2 Categories of personal data
  • 3.11.3 Recipient(s) of the information, including recipients in third countries or international organizations
  • 3.11.4 How long the personal data will be stored
  • 3.11.5 The data subject’s right to request rectification or erasure, restriction or objection, relative to their personal data being processed:
    • Logiforms Software Inc. removes personal data from systems and processing operations as soon as a request for erasure has been submitted by the data subject.
    • Logiforms Software Inc. contacts and communicate via email with other organizations, where the personal data of the data subject is being processed, to cease processing information at the request of the data subject.
    • Logiforms Software Inc. takes appropriate measures without undue delay in the event that the data subject has: withdrawn consent (by contacting privacy@logiforms.com); objects to the processing of their personal data in whole or part; no longer under legal obligation and/or has been unlawfully processed.
  • 3.11.6 Information on the source of the personal data if it hasn’t been collected from the data subject.
  • 3.11.7 Inform the data subject of any automated decision-making.
  • 3.11.8 If and where personal data has been transferred and information on any safeguards in place.

3.12 Logiforms Software Inc. will provide the data in a Comma Separated Value file (*.csv), which is the standard required by EU Regulation 2016/679

Updates to this public procedure may occur at any time. Please ensure to familiarize yourself regularly with its content.