Policy Scope

Logiforms Data Deletion Policy (“Data Deletion Policy”) describes how our Subscribers’ Form Data is deleted in connection with the cancellation, expiry or termination of the account. This Policy does not apply to data that resides in Third Party Services managed and hosted by third parties and the Service Data that is or may be shared with such Third Party Services (as defined in our Services Agreement).

Type of Data Online Data Data at rest Backup Data
Account Holder Data 72 Days 127 Days 90 Days
User Data Lifetime of account Lifetime of account 90 Days


Account Cancellation or Termination

Ninety (90) days after your Account is canceled or terminated; or, 365 days after a free trial has ended (assuming that you have not upgraded your subscription), an automated process will permanently delete your Form Data. Once begun, this process cannot be reversed, and Form Data will be permanently deleted. Backup retention schedules are set to 90 days and depending on when the cancellation was processed; encrypted backup data may exist for a period of up to 270 days.

Policy Limitations

The deletion procedures in this Data Deletion Policy do not apply to Account Holder Information, which is maintained by Logiforms by its Privacy Policy and Subscription Agreement.