When you’re collecting secure data through your forms, it’s crucial that it’s done over a secure channel. That’s where SSL comes into play.

SSL is the term that describes a secure connection and while the term may not be familiar, the lock icon in your browser surely is. Without a SSL Certificate from one of the leading providers, your form has no business collecting sensitive data – it can be easily hacked. And without SSL you’ll drive away todays savey Internet users in droves.

How Do You Get a SSL Certificate?

You can pay hundreds of dollars to get your own, but why would you? As a Logiforms, customer you get to use our Extended Validation (EV) Certificate from Network Solutions.

The EV cert is the enterprise-class, best-of-breed certificate. When you use it, the browser bar turns green (other certs don’t do this) to let your users know their using an ultra-secure and trusted form.

Increase Customer Confidence With One Click

In addition to turning the browser bar green with our EV certificate, you can increase customer confidence further and generate even more sales with just a single click.

How? When you’re using Logiforms and our Extended Validation EV Certificate, you can embed the SSL Site Seal on your form with a single click. The site seal is a universally recognized symbol of trust and security.

Just having this coveted site seal on your form can increase conversions by as much as 35%.

Encrypt Your Data

This is not so much of a form design best practice as it is an industry-best practice for securing data.

Sensitive data, stored in your database should always be stored encrypted. This extra level of encryption ensures that even if the database is compromised, your data is encrypted and safe.

Learn more about using RSA 512 Bit Military Encryption with Logiforms. Hint: You can also send secure encrypted emails!