Have you ever filled out an online form only to be told that the cryptic series of letters and numbers you were asked to enter were incorrect?

If you have, then you understand firsthand why we think captchas suck.

What is a Captcha Anyway?

A CAPTCHA is a program that can generate and grade tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot. For example, humans can read distorted text. Current computer programs can’t. In short, captchas prevent spam-bots from submitting your form.

What Do We Have Against Captchas?

Captchas are not user-friendly. They bring the process of submitting a form to a halt.

We’re all about designing forms that increase response and conversion rates. We optimize our forms so that the users can fill it out and submit it quickly and easily. We want to give them the the best possible experience.

For you, that great experience translates to a sale, a new lead, or a sign-up. With captchas, the last step before your audience hits “Submit” is a potentially annoying one that could decrease your conversion rate.

A captcha, which is the last element on your form, complicates your audience’s experience. After they’ve filled out a form, they have to read distorted text, and (hopefully) enter the correct characters. If there’s an error, your audience associates this negative outcome with your brand.

So, What Do You Do About Form Spam and Bots?

When you develop your forms on the Logiforms platform, we’ve already taken care of spam and bots. Just enable the Anti-Spam setting and your form will send bots packing – all without a captcha. You’ll get higher response rates and more conversions.

How do we do it? We use a series of tests to check if the form submission is done by a human or a bot. Read on to learn more.

  • How long did the submission take? Bots submit your form faster than a human ever could. Think 500 milliseconds
  • Were certain words (for example, Viagra, casino, or sex) detected in the submission?
  • Was the form submission’s content saturated with hyperlinks? The most common type of form spam is links to casinos and other websites.
  • Was any mouse movement detected?
  • Was any keyboard activity detected?
  • Were our super-secret hidden form fields filled out?  A human can’t see those fields. You would never fill them out. A bot just thinks they are another form field and submits its spammy payload.

Logiforms intelligently detects spam without asking the user to engage in a frustration-filled process (see Captcha). This is just one of the little features of Logiforms that contributes to our customers’ high response and conversion rates.


Let us know if you’ve used our Anti-Spam setting and tell how it’s been working for you. We’re happy to tweak any of our tests based on the kind of data you receive and report to us.