Let’s say you are using a web form to collect data for your website, and you want to download it to work with it later on. The ideal way to do it is through a PDF file that’s small in size, so it can easily be sent out via email to other team members. Another advantage would be that once you create it, you can even prevent others from modifying it or copying the information.

But how do you generate e PDF from a Web Form to begin with? We have the answer!

You Need a Converter

The easiest way to convert a web form into a PDF file is through a good old fashioned converter. There are many available options online, but most of them work similarly:

● First, you have to download the web form on the computer where the converter is installed;
● Launch the program and upload the web form; you may have to select certain preferences at this point, such as what column you want to load or other such details;
● After that, you’re just a “save as” button away from your PDF.

Why You Should Use Logiforms

With Logiforms, regenerating a PDF from a web form is a piece of cake. Our software allows you to design the forms you put on your website just as you please so your users will get to use a simple and easy to use web forms that work on any device.

Then, you can just download a completed final PDF filled with all the data you need. Plus, Logiforms even works the other way around – you can upload a PDF into the program and it will automatically detect all the fields in it in the form designer where you can play around with the layout until you’re pleased with the final result.

It works both for small businesses or even big enterprises. Check out more about the Logiforms features here!

Back to you

It’s so annoying to try and convert a web form into a PDF file only to see that the converter messes everything up, from merged columns you did not ask to merge, to even missing that because the converter did not know how to move information between the two types of files.

It’s why you need to go with something that truly works like Logiforms. We’ve helped our clients create, edit, convert countless types of forms for their websites, and through a simple tool that’s easy and fast to use.

Your website visitors will be happy to fill in any form created in our program, and you and your team will have a much easier time working with data if you export it though Logiforms. You can find out more about what Logiforms has to offer right on our website, or you can get in touch with the team right now