Using a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file

A file containing data where individual field values are separated by a character, such as a comma or a tab.





File in use: New File

When you select New File the file specified will be created the first time the task is executed. The file location and name can be changed by clicking the tilde button to the right of the file location text field. New form submission data will automatically be appended to the end of the text file as the task is executed.


File in use: Existing File

When using an existing file, you must select the file by clicking the tilde button to the right of the File Location text field. Data will be appended to the existing file. When using an existing file it is very important to ensure that the Delimiter settings match exactly with the existing file or the file may become corrupt and unusable.

When selecting to use an existing file the Field Remapping Screen must be configured to map the fields from your online database to the fields in the local, existing CSV file. It is highly recommended that your existing CSV file have the field names in the first row of the file in order to ensure the field mapping is successful.


File in use: Multiple Files

Select this option when you want to generate a new CSV file for each set of data downloaded. A new file will be created each time a task runs and data is downloaded. The files will be named based on the original file name and then 1,2,3+ will be added to the end of the file name. For example, if the first time you ran a task there were 5 records, a file would be created with those 5 records. The next time the task runs, and 3 new records are downloaded, a new file would be created with those 3 records.



When downloading to a CSV file you can specify which delimiters are used to separate fields. A delimiter is a character that is used to indicate the end of one field and the beginning of the next. For importing to Excel we recommend using a Comma as a delimiter. You may optionally specify your own delimiter in the space provided.


Text Qualifier

The text qualifier is used to differentiate your field data from your delimiter. Each fields data will be between the text qualifier. If for example your data contains a comma and you have selected to use a comma as a record delimiter, then you must use a text qualifier to distinguish between the comma’s in your data and the comma’s used to delimit fields.

If your data also contains quotes, you must choose to either not use a text qualifier or to select a text qualifier that does not appear within your data.


Field Names on First Row

Selecting this option (recommended) will export the field names to the first row of the text file. These field names can then be used when importing into another program.


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